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JBtelecom IT consultancy offers support to enable small and large businesses to develop and adopt various solutions, systems, networks, software, and security policies. We first ensure that we understand your business and goals. Using our expertise and knowledge, we design IT support services based on the client’s needs. Notably, we offer guidance that change based on business growth to ensure that our customers get adequate support.

Our clients get an opportunity to collaborate with a team of experienced advisors to ensure that their businesses are aligned with their IT solutions. This approach involves offering tailored guidance on the steps a company should make to ensure that the adopted systems meet requirements and help achieve overall business objectives. We treat scenarios in an all-inclusive way, factoring all aspects of an issue through free assessment of existing infrastructure and developing various solutions with clearly defined benefits and challenges.

JBtelecom IT consultancy is a clearly defined and ongoing process that requires a breadth of knowledge to help companies develop dependable technology infrastructure decisions.


Ghana: +233 24 051 7929
Benin: +229 62258001
Rue 1493, Cotonou, Benin

JBTELECOM is a company which provides services in the area of telecommunication and Information Technology (IT) such as web design, Web hosting, graphic design, multimedia, email hosting, e-marketing, network solutions and computers maintenance for the satisfaction of our clients.

JBTELECOM est une entreprise qui fournit des services dans le domaine des télécommunications et des technologies de l'information tels que la conception de sites Web, l'hébergement Web, la conception graphique, le multimédia, l'hébergement des emails, le marketing électronique, les solutions réseaux et la maintenance informatique pour la satisfaction de nos clients.

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