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JBTELECOM is a company which provides services in the area of telecommunication and Information Technology (IT) such as web design, Web hosting, graphic design, multimedia, email hosting, e-marketing, network solutions and computers maintenance for the satisfaction of our clients. JBtelecom’s organization has been established in 2012 to provide IT supports for costumers and businesses who know the advantage and power of using computers and Internet as medium to promote their goods. We introduce the benefits of IT support to organizations at very affordable prices.

OUR TEAM is made of professional engineers having the ability to solve our client issues both large-scale and small scale and also they are dedicated in helping businesses and organizations get a viable presence on the World Wide Web.

OUR MAIN FOCUS is to help our client's business grow faster by providing them with the opportunity to do business on the internet; thus providing them with a professionally designed commercial website, home pages, an efficient IT support and regular maintenance schedule for our customers and more. At JBtelecom costumers concern is our major priority.

OUR MOTTO: Believe in your vision


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